Palisades Crime: Burglar Enters Fumigated Home; Vandal Paints Racial Slur on Front Gate

The following June 5, 2017 crime report was supplied by LAPD Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore of the West L.A. Division. Arrests do not indicate a conviction.
  • 15200 Antioch, 5/31/17 at 2:04 AM. The suspects (#1-4 male, NFD) used a sledge hammer to smash a window and enter victim’s business. The suspects ransacked the business but did not appear to take any property.
  • 15200 Via De Las Olas, btwn 5/27/17 at 7:22 PM and 5/28/17 at 10 AM. The suspects (#1 male, tattoo on forearm, NFD, #2 male, dark hair, 20 years, with a goatee) enter victim’s home while it was being fumigated and took passports.


  • 15300 Albright, 5/11/17 btwn 9 AM.and 2 PM. The suspect took tools from victim’s parking space storage space.
  • 300 Amalfi Dr, 5/30/17 btwn 4:30 PM and 7:15 PM. The suspect took victim’s bicycle from an open garage. 
  • 17100 Sunset, 5/16/17 btwn 5 PM and 8:20 PM. The suspect sprayed a semi clear substance onto victim’s front gate and damaged two signs on victim’s property.
  • 200 Rockingham, btwn 5/30/17 at 4:30 PM and 5/31/17 at 6 AM. The suspect used paint to write a racial slur on victim’s front gate.
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