Brazen Palisades Car Burglar Caught on Camera on Via de la Paz

This revealing video was sent by a neighbor on Via de la Paz on Aug. 4 near 2 a.m. It shows a woman in the upper right corner of the camera frame walking the street, checking vehicles, checking a vehicle in the driveway of a neighbor’s property and then walks up the property driveway with the security camera. She appears unfazed by the home’s security lights and acts nonchalant to even noticing the security camera.
In more than two minutes of video provided, more than 10 minutes pass of the woman inside the backseat of the car. She exits the vehicle from the front driver’s side door. 
Here’s the first video provided of the suspect getting into the car:
Here’s the second video of the suspect leaving the car:
Please leave your cars locked and without anything in them.  This was reported to the LAPD West Los Angeles Division.
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