Extreme Fire Danger Predicted for Palisades Area

Winds, which could reach 80 miles per hour, pose an extreme fire threat in the Pacific Palisades area through Thursday night. Not only do they have the potential to send embers more than 10 miles from the fires that still lack 100 percent containment, including the near Skirball Fire, but they may also down trees and power lines. Dangerous crosswinds could result in overturned high-profiled vehicles along stretches of the 5 and 15 Interstates.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection uses a color-coded wind index and CAL FIRE Chief Ken Pimlott has said that “tomorrow’s forecast is purple” a step above red. The wind condition is so extreme that the color has never been used before.

Pimlott said on Yahoo News that the “state is in for the worst Santa Ana wind conditions its ever seen” and that purple means extreme danger and that fires that erupt will burn uncontrollably.   

Smoke from the Skirball Fire hovers into Pacific Palisades on Dec. 6, 2017.
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