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No Solar Generators

In the City Planning Commission’s request list for Caruso’s development, they said that he should use solar or electric instead of diesel generators. Oops, there is no such thing as a solar or electric generator. Yes, solar panels produce electricity, but not enough current for the demands of a construction site. Generators that produce electricity are not powered by electricity; if they were, they would be called extension cords.


Right Day to Hang Flag

I really enjoyed the article in the Palisades Post 283 Newsletter (May) explaining flag etiquette. I cut it out and plan on using it for reference on the days that it is especially appropriate to display the flag.


Keep Meds Out of Trash

Please don’t throw your expired perscriptions, unused pain medication or other medications in the trash. They end up in landfill and eventually can infect underground water. The CVS pharmacy department sells a mailer for $5 to send meds to a collection organization. Don’t know if they restrict controlled substances. Instructions are inside the bag.


Common Sense

There are three ways in and out of Pacific Palisades—Sunset Boulevard, Temescal Canyon Road and Chautauqua Boulevard. So it seems like it makes sense to keep all construction off these roads. On your website, there was a story that the City caved to pressure from neighbors and will build two pole-top distributing stations: Temescal at Sunset and a second Sunset near a dangerous curve.


City Shirking Responsibility

My kid attends Wildwood and they have physical education at Stoner Park (West L.A.). Dogs run all over that park off-leash. The Rec Center attendant comes out and asks people to put them on leash, but the moment she’s gone, dog owners let them off leash again. I read that there’s the same problem in the Palisades. It is against the law, so why doesn’t the City enforce the law before a kid is bitten or badly mauled by a dog? The lack of enforcement is a huge liability for the City.


More Fancy Language

The crosswalk “intermezzo” suggested in Dr. Mark Grinblatt’s April 20 Viewpoint sounds like the kind of idea that might arise from Councilman Bonin’s community “charrette.”


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