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Shoplifter at Gelson’s

A man in his late 50s, early 60s was being held at a tree by the steps at Gelson’s. He started screaming “Let me go.” A bunch of us rushed to see what was going on. It turns out the man had shoplifted spices and put them in his pants and the guy was trying to hold him until the police came. Enough people didn’t know what was happening and told him to let him go. The guy jumped in a nice car, a woman was waiting and they drove off. One woman said to the Good Samaritan, “You should have just let him have them.” Really. Shoplifting is never right, no matter the circumstances.

Not a ‘Cookie Cutter’

For months, we have been watching and wondering what the building on Monument and Albright is going to be. It is almost finished, but what is it—a motel, a gallery, a store or perhaps a residence? It is really odd, but at least not a “cookie cutter” house!

The Hot Dog Show

The Hot Dog Show is often mentioned fondly among residents. Does anyone know who the original owner was?

(Editor’s note: Joan Reeves owned the restaurant, she is now Joan Forde.)

Fire in Temescal

Last month I saw a campfire in Temescal Canyon Park. I know fires are permitted at certain functions, but I just feel uneasy. Whenever I hike through that park, I see all the dry brush and undergrowth. Maybe it would be best if a ban would be put on campfires at least until we had more significant rainfall.

Diseased Wood

With so many trees being cut down because of the bark beetle, I just wonder how many diseased pieces are lying along Temescal Canyon Road. Maybe the wood from trees that were affected should be handled differently.

Temescal Wood

I don’t mind that people put wood along Temescal and then others pick it up and use it, but it isn’t a dumping ground. I saw an old sofa and a palm tree just lying on the sidewalk. Someone is going to trip. It’s really a liability.

(Editor’s note: Don’t dump furniture along any street. Call 311 and arrange a special pickup with the City.)

El Niño

It was announced that El Niño is officially over. Good to know, I was still waiting for it to start.


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