Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Civics Education Needed

Use Biodegradable Bags

In the “Heard About Town” column of Jan. 18, using newspaper bags for “poop pickup” is not the best solution for our environment. When placed in the blue bins, plastic bags get recycled. When used for dog droppings they go into the black can and are sent to a landfill to remain intact for decades. Buy biodegradable bags for droppings, sold everywhere, including Gelson’s.

Third Lane Off Temescal

I know the News has noted before that there are only two legal left-hand turn lanes off Temescal onto PCH. Since no one seems to be able to change the situation to include a third lane, we should follow the law. I find it particularly egregious that buses and trucks will line up in the third lane on Temescal, seemingly intending to go into the beach parking lot, but then turn onto PCH in the far right lane.

Hiking Trails Come Alive

We took our usual hike on the Leacock Trail last week, beginning from upper Bienveneda, and what a stunning difference the rain has made. Everything was green and blooming, and of course the ocean views are great. I’m dying to hike up to the waterfall in Temescal, once the trail isn’t quite so slippery.

Trader Joe’s on Wilshire?

I heard that a Trader Joe’s is going to open at Wilshire and 22nd Street in Santa Monica. If that’s the case, I won’t have to drive down to Pico.

Civics Education Needed

Just like people don’t understand how the electoral college works, I get upset when those same don’t know how the three branches of our country’s government work. The legislative branch (Senate and House of Representatives) makes the law. The executive branch (president) enforces the law and the judicial branch (Supreme Court) rules on the constitutionality of the laws. We need to bring civics back into the middle and high school.

Gates Security App

With all the road closures and accidents during the last storm, I highly recommend the Gates Security app. Not only are situations updated, but often there are photos. The app is free—you do not have to be a Gates Security subscriber to get it. It is a wonderful community service.

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