Meet Matthew Kadenacy, Palisades Drone Master, Age 11

In our March 7 issue, we published a striking aerial shot of the entire Caruso construction project on the front page. Matthew Kadenacy, a St. Matthew’s School student, was the photographer.

News photographer Bart Bartholomew introduced Kadenacy to us in February. “I met a kid last night who can fly a drone like Mario Andretti drives a race car,” he said.

In order to get the photo, Bartholomew and Kadenacy’s mother accompanied the 11-year-old to the roof of CVS (below Sunset, a block from Caruso’s Palisades Village).

“We kept the drone on an outside perimeter (never over) Caruso’s project. We stayed above power lines and landed safely on the roof of CVS,” Bartholomew said. “Matthew is a wizard. This is his fifth drone. He flies it like Chuck Yeager.”

Matthew Kadenacy.
Photo: Bart Bartholomew
Aerial view of Palisades Village. Credit: Matthew Kadenacy


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