NBA Star Stephen Curry Thinks Multiple Sports Good for Kids

Stephen Curry is among numerous pro athletes who believe that children should play multiple sports. The two- time NBA MVP spoke on the topic at a sports panel with the Jr. NBA and the Positive Coaching Alliance.

“I think I was 8 or 9, and I was playing football, baseball and basketball—kinda all at the same time,” Curry said. “My experience with playing different sports is it taught me a little bit more about myself. I knew I was better at basketball (than the other sports).

Stephen Curry

“I loved to play baseball; my dad played it a little bit growing up, too. And football was just something my friends did so I wanted to try it with them. Knowing that I wasn’t as good at baseball or football (as basketball), it challenged me to gain that confidence and gain that work ethic to get better.

“(I went) through some mistakes, failed a couple times, got knocked down. It was really cool exposure just to be challenged,’ Curry said. ‘Because sometimes at a young age, you might be better (than your peers) at a certain sport, you might feel comfortable in that space, in that zone. But you don’t really get to push yourself, you don’t really get to test yourself and how you deal with failure and success.”

He joins fellow pros J.J. Watt and Drew Brees, who have also been outspoken in their belief that children and adolescents shouldn’t specialize in a single sport too soon.

To see the full interview, visit: play-multiple-sports-get-outside-your-comfort-zone

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