Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Chautauqua Is Crumbling

Chautauqua Is Crumbling

Chautauqua, down near Pacific Coast Highway, is deteriorating. Is the city going to do anything about fixing the roadway before I lose a tire?

(Editor’s note: At the October 12 Pacific Palisades Community Council meeting, Councilman Mike Bonin’s District Director Debbie Dyner Harris said there are plans to resurface Chautauqua from Sunset Boulevard to PCH and also to resurface Palisades Drive. She did not yet know when the roadwork will be done.)

Still a Bad Intersection

I was relieved when the “parklet” did not materialize at the T-corner where Alma Real intersects La Cruz. But I keep wondering if city traffic engineers have any plan to improve the traffic flow (and safety) in that dangerous intersection.

Sunset Median Landscaping

It looks like beautification work is beginning again on the Sunset medians at Chautauqua. Does anyone know who is doing this and what the plan is? What a welcome addition it will be.

(Editor’s note: We contacted Bruce Schwartz, who earlier this year planted pansies and other flowers in the Sunset medians. He responded, “Yes! They are going to be replanted. David Peterson is in charge of that for PRIDE.”)

Preventing House Fires

I heard that during the recent brush fires in Orange County and Northern California, numerous house fires started because embers blew into the attic. I suggest that homeowners in the Palisades install fire- and ember-resistant meshes or vents on attic openings. Also, we need to clean out debris from our rain gutters to keep embers from starting a fire there.

Ecology-Minded Request

I wish everyone who worried about the environment would take one simple step to help out. Specifically: refuse the plastic straws that seem to come even with a glass of water at restaurants. The plastic straws end up in the trash, on the streets and I’ve even seen them along the beach, which means they make their way into the ocean.

Driving and Smoking Pot

As I crossed Via to go to Gelson’s, a motorist was stopped, with his window open, looking down. He was lighting what I thought was a cigarette, and just as I got next to the car, he turned right in front of me. He looked up at the last minute and seemed surprised to see me. I got a whiff of the smoke and it wasn’t a cigarette. He should know (but likely doesn’t want to know) that it’s equally dangerous to smoke pot or drink alcohol while driving.

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