Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Cheaper Movie Seats?

Cheaper Movie Seats?

The movie theater in Caruso’s Palisades Village will be run by Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas, with all five screening rooms having reserved seating, reclining leather chairs and in-seat call buttons for full food and bar service. How will this serve a community that includes families, kids, teens, seniors and others who might not want to shell out $20+ per person to see a movie? How about setting aside two of the screening rooms for normal, affordable tickets?

Veterans’ Gardens

I’m a veteran and I don’t understand why we’re footing the bill to build bocce courts and a garden memorial [the proposed Veterans’ Garden at the Recreation Center] to honor us. Isn’t that something the community should do?

(Editor’s note: American Legion Post 283 has the resources and the desire to donate $400,000 towards this major improvement at the park, but the grant also hinges on $200,000 in donations from the community. Both sides must collaborate to make it work.)

Kudos to Beattie Painting

A special thanks to Steve Beattie Painting [(310) 454-1786], who donated his crew to repaint the entire Palisades High School stadium, including the press box, goal posts, the home side seating benches, the walls in and around the stadium and also treated and resurfaced the concrete. It looks incredible!

Lacrosse Lines

I walked by the new Palisades High athletic field and saw football lines and soccer lines—but when are they going to paint the lacrosse lines?

(Editor’s note: We checked with PaliHi Athletic Director John Achen and he said the lines are always painted on in January.)

Grace Hiney’s Reviews

I love Grace Hiney’s restaurant reviews so much. I’m lazy about trying new restaurants and reading Yelp reviews and just figuring where I want to go. So, whatever Grace reviews, that’s where I eat next week. I haven’t had a bad meal, yet—and it’s all local.

Tired of Alcohol Talk

I’ve overdosed reading articles on the Community Council debates about allowing restaurants to serve alcohol in local restaurants. Isn’t it time to move onto marijuana? How many pot shops do we want in the town?


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