Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Illegal Signs in Village

Hillside Poses a Danger

I don’t know if the hillside belongs to Santa Monica or to Los Angeles, but along Ocean Avenue, the narrow road into Santa Monica Canyon has a hill on one side and homes on the other. The hill appears to be sloughing off, and I wonder if there’s a plan to have it shored up?

Illegal Signs in Village

Why are you giving so much coverage to business signs?

(Editor’s note: The coverage relates to efforts to protect the town’s Specific Plan, which in one section seeks to keep advertising signs, gas station signs and large billboards from cluttering the community. Residents worked hard to get the plan adopted, while also getting the out-of-compliance signs removed from Pacific Palisades. Visit:

Motorcycle Noise

I was told that motorcycles are purposely loud to help alert motorists on the freeways that they are approaching from behind. Too bad they don’t have a soft switch for when they are driving through a residential area.

Speeding Motorcycles

If we can see that motorcycles are speeding through the Palisades, why don’t the police pull them over and ticket them?

Chautauqua Needs Repair!

I’ve been reading about the roadway and sidewalk problem on Entrada in Santa Monica Canyon, but the road that REALLY needs repair is Chautauqua. It’s cracking and pulling away on the curve just above PCH. Also, there’s no place for pedestrians to walk on one side—and the other side is half sidewalk, half dirt path. It’s dangerous for people walking between the Huntington Palisades and the beach.

Tallula’s Is Great

I read so many negative reports on Nextdoor Palisades about Tallula’s, the new Mexican restaurant in Santa Monica Canyon, that I was nervous about giving it a try. My husband and I went, and the food was absolutely wonderful. They have the best fish tacos I’ve ever eaten. It might be a little more expensive than the restaurant it replaced, but the food is far better.

(Editor’s note: It’s important to remember that Nextdoor comments about local businesses are strictly personal opinions.)


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