Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Irked by Nextdoor Palisades

Diagonal Crosswalk Plan

I heard that a diagonal crosswalk is being planned for the intersections on Sunset at Swarthmore and at Monument. First, east-west bound traffic goes, then north-south traffic goes and then all traffic stops and only pedestrians cross. I know they have crosswalks like this in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, but it doesn’t seem to help traffic or pedestrian flow whatsoever. Is there any data to sup- port this change on Sunset?

Irked by Nextdoor Palisades

Nextdoor Palisades, the private social network, can often provide helpful recommendations from neighbors. Unfortunately, the site also includes many nasty comments about people who dare to speak up against the “majority” on issues. Everyone is entitled to their opinons, but please try to use facts and keep nasty comments to yourself.

Ban the Leaf Blowers!

It seems that gas-powered leaf blowers—which are illegal throw harmful dust particles into the air and make horrendous noise—are making a big comeback. Why can’t the city ordinance be enforced?

(Editor’s note: L.A. City Municipal Code 112.04 (c) states that “no gas-powered blower shall be used within 500 feet of a residence at anytime. Violation of the provisions of this subsection shall be punishable as an infraction in an amount not to exceed One Hundred Dollars ($100). To report the crime, call (877) ASK-LAPD. Or ask your neighbor if they would be willing to buy an electric gas blower for their home that their gardener can use.)

Handicap Access to Beach

Trying to cross under PCH from Chautauqua or Channel Road to the beach is impossible for those in wheelchairs and even nearly impossible for someone pushing a stroller. That whole intersection needs to be rethought—and a ramp or something is needed to make the tunnel handicap accessible.

Helping Those in Need

Just a reminder: If you’re sending clothes for hurricane victims, please buy new or gently used. No one should be given old stuff that you just want to get out of your closet.

Dumpsters with Reflectors

I just learned that if there is building going on in your block and the contractor has put a dumpster on the street, it is supposed to have reflectors. If it does not, you should call 311 and report it. This is a safety issue.

If you’d like to share something you’ve “heard about town,” please email it to

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