Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Missing Sam’s Restaurant

Missing Sam’s Restaurant

I’m wondering if you have any information about the now-closed Sam’s by the Beach in Santa Monica Canyon. It was our favorite restaurant. We miss it!

(Editor’s note: The restaurant was also one of our reviewer Grace Hiney’s favorites. She called the owner to get an update, but he’s out of the country.)

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Eisenstock’s Hang Time

Our Pacific Palisades resident Alan Eisenstock, who wrote “Hang Time,” Elgin Baylor’s autobiography, didn’t hit the New York Times regular non-fiction list in its first week on the market, but did debut at No. 9 on the Sports & Fitness book list.

Chamber ‘Pot Shop’?

I saw one of those stickers from the Chamber of Commerce that says to “Shop Local.” A kid walking by saw it and asked where the pot shop was—apparently the palm tree on the sticker looks like a marijuana plant to some.

Kudos for Journey On

I just heard Cherise Charleswell speak about Journey On at the Optimist Club breakfast, and I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t think that sexual trafficking was a problem in Los Angeles. She explained how trafficking has replaced drugs and guns as the new illegal activity for gangs.

(Editor’s note: A Journey On speaker also spoke to the Rotary Club and the News reported on trafficking and the talk.)

Haphazard Road Work

On Palisades Drive, even though the road was completely resurfaced (up to Calvary), the work was sub-standard. There was little effort to provide an even surface, which means the road is already suffering before the lanes are even painted. We fought for years to get the street repaired, and now this is the result. city workers: Do it right the first time; don’t waste taxpayer dollars with shoddy work.

Caruso Flies Over Project

I live on Monument, across from Caruso’s Palisades Village development, and on Wednesday I was talking with Michael Gazzano, the project supervisor. While we were talking, a helicopter flew overhead, and he said “Wave! That’s Rick returning from Santa Barbara. He always has his pilot fly over the project on Wednesday evenings.”


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