Palisades Crime: Robbery Suspect Points Handgun at Victim, Demands Cell Phone

The following March 26, 2018 crime report was supplied by LAPD Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore of the West L.A. Division. Arrests do not indicate a conviction.

Carey/Fiske, 3/24/18 at 4:30 AM. The suspect (male black, brown hair brown eyes, 5’8″ 135 lb, 20/25 years) drove up to victim in a red vehicle, pointed a handgun at victim, and demanded victim’s cell phone.


  • 17900 Porto Marina, 3/22/18 at 2:18 AM. The suspect broke a window to enter victim’s property and took a clock, candle holders, and ink well.
  • 500 Toyopa, 3/22/18 at 8:20 PM. The suspect (Male, NFD) smashes a window on victim’s home but then flees without making entry.
  • 400 Toyopa, btwn 3/23/18 at 6 PM and 3/24/18 at 9:20 AM. The suspect smashed a door window to enter victim’s home and took a handbag, shoes, and boots.
  • 1200 Chautauqua, 3/23/18 btwn 7 AM and 10 PM. The suspect smashed a glass door on victim’s home to enter and ripped a safe from a wall but fled without taking any property.

800 Toulon, 3/16/18 at 12:30 PM. The suspect, possibly part of a moving crew, took a lap top computer from victim’s home.

600 Radcliffe, 3/24/18 at 3:40 AM. A 44-year-old male was arrested foe DUI after being involved in a traffic collision.

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