Palisades News Letters: Saving the ‘Pretty Blonde’

I read with emotion the August 9 story by Nancy Klopper about the team efforts to save a local homeless person (“Rescuing the Homeless ‘Pretty Blonde’”).

Often, I would see the woman on the bench by Gelson’s. Alone and distant. Or wandering aimlessly through the Village, muttering and cursing aloud to herself. Obviously in distress but not willing to engage in any conversation, or accept any offer of assistance.

She seemed to be without hope or purpose. What can you do to help someone in such need? Well, assistance came from the community.

Gratitude and praise to the efforts of all the people involved who took the time and effort to re-unite the woman with her European family and get the help she desperately needed. And still needs. She is no longer homeless. She has returned home to her loving family.

Compassion is alive and well in the Palisades. Thank you.

Gary Carr

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