Palisades Rocks the Fourth Artist Spotlight: Adam Topol

By Laurie Rosenthal 
Staff Writer

The Fourth of July is the one day of the year when Pacific Palisades is at its small-town best.

Chairs are trustingly left out the night before, staking out parade viewing spots for family members of all ages.

The day begins early with the races, continues with the parade, and the excitement continues to build, culminating with the fireworks show at Palisades Charter High School.

Another highlight is the Palisades Rocks the Fourth concert, now in its 10th year.

This year’s headliner is High Tide Rolling Review, featuring Adam Topol, who will be playing with Will Phillips (co-leader of the band), Merlo Podlewski, Chris Joyner, Kenny Lyon, Marcele Berger, Rodrigo Castro, Jillian Jensen, Ralike and Alan Berliant.

Adam Topol will headline the concert. Photo courtesy: Adam Topol
Adam Topol will headline the concert. Photo courtesy: Adam Topol

Topol is a drummer/percussionist who is currently on tour with Jack Johnson. He also writes and produces, including his 2016 album, “Regardless of the Dark.”

This is Topol’s third time performing at the concert. “We tried to cover a wide list so we can reach everybody,” Topol said about playing cover songs that all ages will enjoy.

“It’s a really great band, a really fun review,” Topol said.

“My tastes are a little bit more eclectic or old-school,” Topol said. For the show, the High Tide Rolling Review will be covering songs by a range of artists and styles, including the Rolling Stones, Sublime, Joe Cocker, Toots and the Maytals, Blondie and Bruno Mars.


Topol likens the Palisades to his hometown of Lake Tahoe.

“Lake Tahoe is a smaller, tight-knit community where everyone is together, like a family vibe. People come out and enjoy a really important holiday, and get up and dance.”

Palisades Rocks the Fourth is “about the people who go and watch the fireworks. We’re there just to play what they might know and like, and provide a setting where people can dance and have fun and be with their loved ones and friends and family and acknowledge the holiday.”

The Berklee College of Music (Boston) and USC grad began playing drums at around age 11. He has lived in Los Angeles on and off since 1989, and currently lives in Venice. Topol spends a lot of time in the Palisades, and kids that he’s an “ally” of the area.

“I circled back to L.A. because the music scene and the art scene is so strong. It always pulled me back.

“I seem to connect with the diverse music community here. I really love Latin music. I love indie bands,” he said.

He hopes to bring “good energy” to the event, and wants people to bring comfy blankets and thoroughly enjoy themselves.

“It’s just going to be a fun, community event,” Topol said. “I’m grateful being asked to do it.”

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