PPBA World Series Caps the Season

The Yankees outscored the Dodgers, 15-10, to win the PPBA Pinto World Series on June 2, after winning 9-6 the day before.

Nicholas Bertram led the Yankees with three hits (including a homerun) and five RBIs in the championship game. Teammates Brady Eng and Keiran Pack each had three hits and Vance Clarke had three RBIs.

Hudson Lake and Max Meier had three hits apiece for the Dodgers, and Max Meier had an inside-the-park homer.

The Pinto Yankees celebrate their win.
The Pinto Yankees celebrate their win.

Rufeh added, “Somehow we managed to finish 8-8 [in the regular season]. Luck was on our side as we played one talented and well-coached team after another but still found a way to win.” The Yankees finished with an overall record of 10-8, while the Dodgers were 8-10.

By Laura Carr
Palisades News Intern


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