Tigers Take Mustang Title

The Tigers swept the Red Sox in the PPBA Mustang World Series on the Field of Dreams at the Palisades Recreation Center. They handily won the opener, 20-7, on May 31, and continued their hot hitting on June 2 to win, 17-4, after trailing 2-1 through three innings.

The victorious Mustang Tigers.
The victorious Mustang Tigers.

Saxon Wald recorded three hits for the Tigers in the championship game, while teammates Victor Lowe and Jack Gargiulo each had four RBIs. Wald also pitched four innings and struck out six batters.

In Game 1, Oliver Silverman of the Ti- gers had three hits and five RBIs and Gargiulo struck out five batters. The Tigers finished with an overall record of 17-6-1, while the Red Sox were 11-11.

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