Troop 223 Scout Helps Injured Motorcyclist

05-Richards, Lukas-scoutLukas Richards, 13, a member of Pacific Palisades Boy Scout Troop 223, was in the car with his mother on San Vicente in Santa Monica. They watched helplessly as a motorcycle coming in the other direction was clipped by a car. The motorcyclist was flung off his bike and lay motionless on the ground.

Lukas took charge, telling his mother, “Stop the car, call 911 and bring me the First Aid kit from the trunk.”

He rushed over to the man, blocked the sun from his eyes, and started speaking to him in a calm voice. Knowing not to move him, Lukas continued talking, touching and reassuring him that help was on the way. Because of his Boy Scout training, Lukas knew how to handle someone who might be going into shock.

The paramedics arrived and the injured man was quickly stabilized. A passerby who watched the whole incident, came over to Lukas and asked, “Are you a Boy Scout? You did a really good job here today!”

Lukas said, “Yes, I am. We learned First Aid in my Scout Troop.”


Lukas Richards

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