Burglars in Brentwood Use Hillside Access

Scott Wagenseller, CEO of Gates Security, passed along the following crime report from Maria Gray, Brentwood senior lead officer.

The report involved a residential burglary that took place on September 21 in the 3000 block of Corda Drive, between 7 to 7:40 p.m. Gray wrote: “What makes this break-in notable is the unusual approach made by the suspects (two males, unknown race, wearing baseball hats and dark clothing). The suspects approached the home from the rear, actually traversing the hillsides behind the neighborhood. They are seen on cameras emerging from the hillside bushes behind the residence and then smashing a window to the master bedroom in order to enter and burglarize the home. They ultimately fled back into the hillside. It is still undetermined at this time if there was any property taken.”

She concluded, “This information is forwarded to you for your awareness. Please share and discuss with your neighbors.”

Said Wagenseller: “This home is off Mulholland Drive, a distant location, but the act is noteworthy. Hillside access to the backyard of houses is not unusual for homes along canyon rims in Pacific Palisades. We saw this same method used in the Huntington along Alma Real two years ago. A suspect waited until the teenage daughter arrived home. He had tape and a rope.”

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