Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: New Name Needed for Palisades Village?

New Name Needed for Palisades Village?

If the new town going up on Swarthmore is PALISADES VILLAGE, what is the rest of our town which we so lovingly refer to as “the village.” And where we have a Village Green, and used to have a Village Store and a Village Pharmacy, we still have the Alma Real building with a sign in front that says “Palisades Village Center.” Can’t we find another name for the new project?

Aerial view of Palisades Village.

Give Meaningful Help

I hope your story, “How to Help Keep Homeless on the Street,” reaches the people it should. People don’t realize that what they think is help just prolongs individuals like Margaret getting the help they need. Otherwise, fast forward 20 years, she is still living in her car. How is that help?

Interesting Perspective

Great picture of the Caruso construction site on the front of the March 7 issue. That’s a view we don’t usually see. Hope you do another as they progress.

Article on Enabling

Some of my business friends thought your story about the homeless and those who enable them was far too nice. Numerous business owners have nothing but complaints about what they’ve had to endure over the years dealing with Margaret—using their business phones, taking complimentary food and following customers around at different stores. I wonder how long Caruso would tolerate her following people in his Village?

Margaret, a homeless woman in Pacific Palisades, asks residents for money.

The Mystery ‘Community’

Every time a Caruso representative speaks, he/she points out that “we listened to the community” or the “community wanted this.” Who are the community? Local neighbors on Monument? Tenants? Chamber members? A committee? Where is all of this communicating taking place and how can I be part of it?

Increased Homelessness

In every state where pot has been legalized, they have also seen an increase in homelessness. Does anyone know if a study has been done to see if there’s cause and effect? If it’s true, homelessness is only going to get worse in California.

Take Down the Road Signs

Signs were put up all over town and along Temescal Canyon Road, advertising a Wild West event for Purim. I don’t mind if organizations put signs up, but they were still up a week after the event was over. The signs then become urban clutter.


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