Palisades News Letters: 16815 Bollinger House

I read with great interest the article in this week’s Palisades News regarding the partially constructed property at 16815 Bollinger Drive. As a neighbor who sees the property every day, I was surprised to learn that, according to the article, the Department of Building and Safety has concluded that “At this time the property is fenced and secured from unauthorized entry. There is no trash, debris or excessive vegetation and therefore not considered a nuisance as defined by the Los Angeles Municipal Code.”

There are large piles of filled garbage bags on the property. There is tall, unwieldy, dry brush growing throughout the property including along the front of the property which is both unsightly and a fire hazard (the partially constructed home is located in an extremely high-risk fire hazard zone). The site has now become unsanitary because people often let their dogs defecate there without cleaning up. The fence surrounding the property is full of large holes allowing access to animals as well as transients and neighborhood children. I have witnessed teenagers entering the property and playing with what looked like matches. I urge the Department of Building and Safety to revisit the property and see that in its current state, and as it has been for over a year, it is not only a public nuisance but a health and safety hazard for our community.

Danielle Samulon

(Editor’s note: We sent the letter to Jeff Napier, a spokesperson for Building and Safety for a comment, but he had not responded by press time.)

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