Palisades News Letters: Bob Vickrey’s Essay Is Appreciated

(The author shared the following letter that she wrote to Bob Vickrey and the Palisades News.)

Your article “The Day I Became My Father” touched me! The evocation of your father was very powerful in its candor and simplicity.

As you implied, he would be shocked to see how our standard of living has changed, and how despicable is the greed of certain real-estate speculators (one wealthy neighbor around the corner where I live has managed to buy three houses adjacent to his own, the last huge one now being ‘remodeled’, soon ready to be rented). The homeless situation doesn’t seem to move too many Palisadians, as the more money one can acquire, the better.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to get used to this new trend and lifestyle. After the Caruso project is finished, I’m afraid some of us will have to think twice about patronizing the very expensive new boutiques and stores and Italian eateries (as if we needed more of them!) that will grace the revamped Swarthmore Avenue.

Danielle Avidan

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