Revere Bus Proposed

Why waste your valuable time sitting in traffic on Sunset at Allenford in the morning and afternoon to deposit or pick up your Paul Revere middle-school student? Next year, parents will have another option.

In order to help alleviate traffic congestion, a Pacific Palisades Route bus is proposed that would hold 52 students. It would load its first students at Palisades Circle (at Palisades Drive) at 7:10, then at Sunset Blvd. (at Palisades Drive) at 7:15, then Sunset Blvd. at Bienveneda, next Sunset Blvd. at El Medio and last stop on Sunset at Carey, arriving at school at 7:30 a.m. The route would be reversed after school, adjusting to the school-day pickup, which on Tuesday and Thursday means leaving Revere at 2:15 p.m.

The cost for year-long round-trip transportation is $1,650. The deadline to sign up is June 1. So far only 13 people have signed up. There is space for 52 students. Visit:<>.

Currently one bus is planned, but a second could be added if demand were sufficient. Revere organizers were asked if there is any funding for those who can’t afford it. Unfortunately, currently there is none.

If there is a philanthropic-minded individual in the Palisades who would like to see at least 52 cars taken off this route in the morning/afternoon, or if there is person who knows of a grant that could be used towards this traffic-easing effort, please call (310) 917-4800 or email parent/community liaison Lori Vogel:<>.

Additionally, three other parent-chartered buses are planned for Holmby Hills (two buses) and Southwest L.A. to help transport students accepted into the charter school.

The four Metro buses (three head to the Palisades and one downtown) that are available in front of Revere after school will continue to operate.


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