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The Liar’s Punishment

Thank you for writing about our play program on May 21 and 22, The Liar’s Punishment, presented by the Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness and Theatre Palisades.

The weekend was a success! Palisades neighbors met at our community theater, some who had never attended before. Actresses Jennifer Laks and Nancy Youngblut made us laugh, and weep, during Leda Siskind’s one-act play.

Then, local homelessness experts from OPCC, Chrysalis and Safe Place for Kids told personal stories from their field work. They came away with some new friends and volunteers.

Our reception team transformed the Green Room of Pierson Playhouse into a living room, with wine and a gorgeous buffet. Folks came, and stayed. (Okay, a big part of the reason was the food from Palisades restaurateurs! Do go enjoy a meal with one or more of them, soon.)

A big thank you to: Cafe Vida for spinach pita chicken and tuna wraps; Casa Nostra for tomato basil bruschetta; Fiesta Feast for stuffed grape leaves, tabouli salad, hummus and pita bread, and spanakopita; Gladstone’s for ceviche and shrimp; Kay ‘n Dave’s who sent Santa Fe chicken chopped salads and cinnamon churro chips; Modo Mio for bruschetta; Palisades Garden Cafe for cookies, chocolate eclairs and donuts; Pinocchio in Cucina for arancini; Taste at Pacific Palisades for mango bruschetta; and Tivoli Cafe for caprese salads.

Many thanks to Bruce Schwartz, who arranged for this spread; Sylvia Boyd and her reception committee; and Pastor Eric Schaefer and his Teen Leaders for hosting, serving and cleaning up.

Nina Kidd, Producer


Glenn Frey Memories

I was moved by the letter from a former parent at St. Matthew’s Parish School who wrote of Glenn Frey’s passing [“Glenn Frey, Palisadian and Member of Eagles,” by Bart Bartholomew].
Glenn and I knew one another since 1960. We attended junior high and high school together in Royal Oak, Michigan. In fact, Royal Oak has just named a street near our former high school Glenn Frey Drive.
Oddly enough, we both moved to California at different times and ended up living only five minutes from each other in Brentwood.
Before the Eagles recorded “Take It Easy,” Glenn came to our house and played the song for us on my “beat-up guitar.”
I was invited to the celebration of his life—it was absolutely beautiful. Cindy wrote a beautiful eulogy—very sad for me and many.
Nancy Kezlarian


Volunteers Needed at Library
Many of the volunteers who have generously helped receive book donations for the Palisades Branch Friends book sales are no longer able to help for a variety of reasons. Therefore, we are in need of new volunteers who would enjoy spending a few hours a month in the Palisades Branch Library. The volunteering shifts are either from 12:30 to 3 p.m. or 3 to 5 p.m. on a Tuesday or Thursday once a month.
It is very important that the volunteer be physically able to lift and carry bags or boxes of books that have to be moved from either the donor’s car or from inside the library into the Friends storage room. There is always a cart with wheels available, but a strong healthy back and good general physical condition is necessary.
If you can think of anyone who might be interested in helping with this crucial part of the book-sale process, please have them call (310) 962-8313 or email: wendypacpal@yahoo.com. I will be happy to answer all questions and further explain the volunteer position.
Thank you very much!
Wendy Edlen

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