Babak Rahimzadeh Convicted of Sexual Battery in Pacific Palisades

By Sue Pacsoe

Babak Rahimzadeh, 54, who was arrested for sexual battery after grabbing a victim’s genital area as she left a class at the Palisades-Malibu YMCA on Via de la Paz on August 26, was convicted of felony sexual battery on November 20 and released on probation.

A stay-away order is in place for Rahimzadeh in Pacific Palisades. If somebody sees him back in this community, it is recommended to immediately alert LAPD.  

This was not his first arrest.

Babak Rahimzadeh

Last March, a KTLA report said that “Babak Rahimzadeh is accused of grabbing the victim and sexually battering her last Friday near the third-floor restroom of the Public Affairs Building, according to the UCLA Police Department.”

At the time of the UCLA incident, Rahimzadeh was held on $25,000 bail and booked into Men’s Central Jail, according to police.

A March 2009 story by City News Service (CNS), reporting on an incident in Toronto, Canada, was headlined “Man Arrested for Subway Assault May Be Tied to at Least Three Other Victims.”

The man was Rahimzadeh, who was accused of sexually assaulting at 27-year-old woman at a subway station. When his photograph was released, other victims called the police, including two 16-year-old students, who were assaulted a month earlier. Rahimzadeh was believed to have committed a similar crime at an apartment complex in town. 

“In all four cases, the victims were touched inappropriately by a man who accosted them and then ran away,” the CNS story reported.

According to a March 2017 Daily Bruin article, “Rahimzadeh was charged in three sexual assault cases in Toronto in 2009.” Additionally, he was suspected of a sexual battery crime at Berkeley City College.

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