Calvary Christian School Students Share Stories With Palisades Seniors

As part of Calvary Christian School’s community service program, each grade adopts a program partnering with the community. Students work with various organizations across a wide spectrum of needs, such as Soldiers’ Angels, Westside Food Bank, Children’s Hunger Fund, Union Rescue Mission and the Casa Hogar Sion Orphanage in Mexico.

On May 19, for the fifth year, Calvary partnered with American Legion Post 283, Palisades-Malibu YMCA and the Palisades Woman’s Club at the Legion hall. Over apple pie, third graders met seniors in the community. Students and adults interviewed each other and then together they crafted letters to a deployed serviceman/woman or to a child whose parents are deployed.

Students explained iPad photo editing to Pacific Palisades seniors.
Students explained iPad photo editing to Pacific Palisades seniors.

“This is a special day for the Palisades community,” said Shannon Moon, parent and outreach coordinator for Calvary. “My son is active in the military and shared his experience of service and gratitude to the group last year [at the Legion]. He walked away beaming with pride as he connected with veterans of the past and generations of the future.”

“What a sweet morning it was!” said parent Victory Ludwig. “A definite highlight was watching our kids share with their guests about how to do photo editing on iPad.”

The students sang “Gonna Ride That Freedom Train” to an appreciative audience. Marine Sergeant Noe Aguirre, and Post 283 Legionnaire, who had been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, spoke to the children. He explained how much letters like this mean to those serving overseas.

Since Calvary’s integrated community service program was launched in 2006, students have learned that they can give back at an early age and that open hearts can change lives for the better. The goals of Calvary Christian School include connecting children to their community; and to foster reflection, understanding and compassion.

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