Castellammare and Miramar Street Names

By Michael Edlen
Special to the Palisades News

(In 1990, Randy and Betty Lou Young published a limited edition book titled Street Names of Pacific Palisades & Other Tales. This short series of summaries of these names is based on that book.)

The Castellammare area above Pacific Coast Highway and west of Sunset Boulevard was developed in two sections in 1925-26. The steep coastal slopes were originally to have mainly grand Italian Renaissance-style homes and the more gently sloping Castellammare Mesa on top had less pretentious homes.

Bellino: may be named after a city in Italy; it means “pretty” in Italian.

Breve: “short” in Italian.

Castellammare: a coastal city on the Bay of Naples; it means “Castle by the Sea.”

Coperto: “covered” or “hidden” in Italian.

Giardino: “garden” in Italian.

Lecco: named for an industrial town in a beautiful setting on Lake Como.

Los Liones: a misspelled “Leones” which means “lions” in Spanish.

Monte Grigio: “grey mountain” in Italian. Notteargenta: “silvery night” in Italian. Porto Marina Way: “entrance to sea coast” in Italian.

Posetano: a picturesque cliffside town on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Quadro Vecchio: “old painting” in Italian. Revello: an old Italian hillside town above the sea.

Sabbiadoro: “sand of gold” in Italian. Sentimiento: “sentiment” or “regret” in Spanish.

Stretto: “narrow” or “straight” in Italian. Tramonto: “setting sun” in Italian.

Vicino: “nearby” or “neighbor” in Italian. The Miramar Estates in 1926 were intended to mainly be prestigious Mediterranean-style homes on a series of natural terraces from what is now Sunset Boulevard to the top of Paseo Miramar.

Alondra: “lark” in Spanish.

Catalonia: a province in Spain. Espera: “wait” in Spanish.

Lucero: a city in Italy, means “to shine.”

Paseo Miramar: “walk to a view of the sea” in Spanish.

Resolano: “sunny place” in Spanish.

Via Florence, Via Maria, Via Nicolas: these were a small and unstable area with only a few homes.

Vista Pacifica: “view of the ocean” in Italian or Spanish.

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