Christmas Tree Recycling Options Available for Pacific Palisades

Homeowners are reminded that they can recycle Christmas trees by taking off all the ornaments, decorations (including tinsel) and stand, cut it into pieces and place it the green yard-trimming bin. Pick-up of trees will start on January 3.

Those who are unable to cut their tree and place it in the green bin may leave it at the curbside on their weekly collection day.

Residents in multifamily buildings are requested to place their Christmas trees at the curbside on the collection day. Whether you are serviced by LA Sanitation or a private hauler, the tree will be picked up on the scheduled day.

Christmas tree recycling options in LA. Credit:

Don’t want to be bothered with the messy difficulty of taking your tree outside? Call California Christmas Tree Recycling and someone will come to your house, empty the water in the stand, remove the tree and vacuum the trail of pine needles left behind. The fee starts at $25 (based on tree size) and a portion of all proceeds goes to TreePeople to plant new trees. For more information, visit or call (310) 584-6589.

Los Angeles Fire Department Station 69 Firefighters warn not to try and burn the tree in a chimney or outside barbecue area. Christmas tree varieties have a high sap content that can burn quickly and explosively.

These small explosions can cause items inside and outside your home to catch fire, including your chimney flue. A dry Christmas tree can burn faster than expected and the resulting fire is difficult to control.

For more information, visit

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