Diaz Wins ‘Pali’s Got Talent’

Palisades High School held its Fourth Annual Pali’s Got Talent show on May 19 at Gilbert Hall.

Like many of the current popular television shows, such as Dancing with the Stars, the audience helped decide the winner by casting ballots. After a near tie, Shaday Diaz, who wowed the audience with her vocal solo “All I Ask,” emerged the winner.

03-pali idol Shaday Diaz

The show was planned and run by PaliHi’s Associated Student Body Leadership Class, which not only participates in school governance but also promotes Spirit Week, dances, holiday and birthday grams and promotes athletic events.

The emcees were senior class president Nick Christman and senior class representatives Christina Nakhla and Sierra Climaco. Their light banter between acts was entertaining and centered on a pizza joke.

While the ballots were being counted, ASB member Julia Mornkarsh entertained the audience with an impromptu vocal solo.

Talents were varied. Contestant Daniel Allen performed a solo, “Imagine,” while accompanying himself on the piano, and Tiana Jackson recited original poetry.

Ninth graders Alex Pitcher and Cole Suarez performed an original drum and guitar piece. Before playing, they announced they were looking for a bass player and maybe a vocalist. Then, it was a lovely surprise, because their music was unique with its own sound. Most young bands copy others before they discover a niche—if they do. These are two talented young men to watch.

After the show, Diaz, a sophomore, said that she isn’t currently a member of the choirs at PaliHi, because she was on the junior varsity swim team. “I swim butterfly,” said the Inglewood native, who then added, “I do sing with the National Children’s Chorus. We practice every Sunday at UCLA from 1 to 4:30 p.m.”

Diaz attended Brentwood Elementary before attending Paul Revere Middle School, where she was a member of the school’s chorus. Her mom, Bianet, drives her to school in the morning; in the afternoon, Shaday takes a bus to Gretna Green, where her mom works, and they travel home together. Her father is Dionisio and she is an only child.

Shaday Diaz

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