Four Westside Burritos Worth Sitting in Traffic For

Today – April 4 – is National Burrito Day. And while every day is burrito day on the Westside of Los Angeles, there has never been a better excuse to grab a burrito for breakfast, lunch or dinner (or a breakfast burrito for dinner).

While most burritos look the same, not all burritos are created or enjoyed equally. In honor of this very special day – here are four burritos that can be found on the Westside that stand out from the pack.

Tacos Por Favor
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Photo: Sam Catanzaro.

With three locations on the Westside (Santa Monica, Venice, West LA), Tacos Por Favor has become a favorite for countless Angelenos, Venetians and Santa Monicans. Sticking to a simple formula: fresh ingredients, excellent customer service and a top-notch salsa bar, Tacos Por Favor does everything right, but especially burritos. Specifically, their al pastor burrito is a thing of beauty. It may look like any other burrito in the world, but perfectly portioned ingredients make it a burrito to remember. Protip: ask for salsa verde to be added to the burrito before it is rolled.

Juquila Restaurant
11619 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Photo: Google.

Juquila Restaurant is a small restaurant that specializes in Oaxacan cuisine. Located on Santa Monica Boulevard just West of the 405, the unassuming Juquila is easy to miss amid the hundreds of other restaurants that line the surrounding streets. Not to be missed is the Burrito Juquila: a grilled chicken breast burrito covered with rich black mole sauce and melted cheese. This decadent burrito is worth sitting in traffic on Santa Monica Boulevard and fill even the hardiest of eaters.

Gilberts El Indio Restaurant
2526 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Photo: Facebook.

At Gilberts, located on Ocean Park Boulevard in Santa Monica, diners for the past 45 years have been coming for the Super Mule Burrito, staying for the margaritas and leaving with leftovers. To be put simply, the Super Mule (or any burrito at Gilberts for that matter) is a wet burrito, but it is a wet burrito done right. Served on a bed of rice, this is Mexican comfort food at its finest.

Cerveteca Culver City
9418 Venice Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

Photo: Facebook.

Cerveteca Culver City, located on Venice Boulevard, has perfected the subtle art of the breakfast burrito. There is nothing fancy at work here: just a big tortilla filled with eggs, bacon, beans, salsa, cooked and seasoned to perfection that will fill you up. This burrito packs a punch in terms of spice, serving as the perfect way to kickstart your day, whatever time you happen to bite into this piece of breakfast burrito heaven.

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