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Tired of worrying about your child’s academics? Is he or she being challenged in class, does he or she need help catching and keeping up? Are you considering individualized schooling options in the Fall? What’s the difference between SAT and ACT tests and why does it matter which one your teenager takes?

The owners and staff at Groza Learning Center in Pacific Palisades have been helping parents sort out these questions for years.

Not only does Groza offer tutoring for individual school subjects, such as math, science and writing, it’s a center for test preparation, a site for home-schooled children to meet for small classes, a place for course recovery and, most importantly, a source of good advice about what works for an individual student.

Tutoring is offered in all subjects for kindergarten through senior year in high school, and each student is given a personalized tutoring plan that targets the individual’s personality and learning style.

If your child has trouble with a high-school class and chooses to repeat it through an online source, rather than retaking it at the school, Groza offers a monitored testing site—and help if needed.

As far as standardized tests, how many parents can say they definitely know the testing dates and deadlines for applying to take them? Groza professionals know.

This summer, Groza will offer SAT and ACT prep courses. Students take a practice test to diagnose areas of strength and weakness, and to determine whether they are better suited for the SAT or ACT. Both tests are accepted for college admissions. The summer before Junior year is a critical time to begin preparations for the SAT or ACT.

Co-founder Scott Groza explains that the ACT has a math, English, reading, science and writing section, which often tests students’ knowledge in specific areas. The SAT is better for those kids who are good at taking tests.

Once a test analysis is done to determine a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses, the target score necessary for a competitive application to the desired school(s) is noted. Students than are prepped accordingly. There are individualized sessions or group classes available.

Groza tutors also help students prepare for the ISEE or the HSPT for private middle and high school.

If it is time for your student to transition to a new school, Groza says: “I recommend every school, but only certain schools for specific students.”

He and his wife Christy, who worked as a teacher at Calvary School before opening the Groza center, recommend visiting each school. “The interaction with staff and faculty, and even just stepping onto a campus will make the yeas and nays far easier to declare with certainty. Also, be realistic about the workloads at each school. You don’t want your kid miserable at the ‘best’ school when he/she could thrive at a school better suited to them.”

Also this summer, Groza is offering Math, English, or Writing Bridge Programs and Math for the Unchallenged Child. The first is designed to help a student learn what he (or she) may have missed this school year, so he can be prepared for next year. “It’s a great option to help kids build their confidence,” Groza said.

The other math course is for kids who haven’t been sufficiently challenged at their school. The course will expose each student to new, advanced concepts, keeping in mind future goals for advanced placement and honors courses.

Another area is to help kids with their reading comprehension and/or reading fluency. Groza specializes in Lindamoodbell’s Visualizing and Verbalizing® reading comprehension program. This is for students who struggle to think critically about reading material. The fluency course helps students who are struggling to learn how to read or are delayed with their reading ability.

Groza tutors also encourage parents to offer children structure and routine. Putting systems in place for kids to have focused study time, free of distractions, not only help academics, but also cultivates discipline.

Groza Academy offers a truly individualized schooling experience for those looking for something more. Programs are geared to equip students with core academic skills, while allowing them to find and pursue education according to their interest and learning style. Whether it’s an emphasis on instilling basics or advancing them along in their academics at a high level, Groza can tailor a school experience for your student.

Visit: or call (310) 454-3731. The Center is located in the 881 Alma Real building.


Scott Groza is co-owner of the Groza Learning Center on Alma Real.

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