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Potrero Canyon Dogs

Someone wrote on NextdoorPalisades that she and a friend walk three large dogs in Potrero Canyon every evening. Supposedly, the public is barred from this canyon; “No Trespassing” signs are posted because it is considered an active construction zone. But I guess those who live along the Canyon rim don’t have to follow the rules. Maybe the LAPD can enforce the law, or the city can simply open the canyon to everyone?

Social Media Attacks

There’s a man on social media who is quick to attack whenever somebody questions any aspect of the Caruso project. Like, we can’t even ask a question without his giving some nasty reply. I wonder if he works for Caruso?

(Editor’s note: We asked Caruso’s spokesperson Liz Jaeger if the man in question was on the payroll. “No, he’s not,” she said.)

County Beach Passes

In response to the “County Beach Passes” item in the August 17 News, L.A. County does have a beach parking permit program, and not just for seniors. Call (310) 821-1081, or stop by L.A. Beaches and Harbors at 14110 Palawan Way in the Marina. Visit: beaches.lacounty.gov/wps/portal/dbh.

Candidate Forum

I attended the candidate forum at the Community Council meeting on August 28. Every person running read a statement. Five of the people (Areas 1, 2, 4, 7 and 8) were running unopposed, so why waste time asking them to comment? They are automatically elected; it doesn’t matter what they say.

Mansions vs. McMansions

Someone shared this link with me about the difference between mansions and McMansions. (mcmansionhell.com/post/149128564511/mclean-virginia?is_ related_post=1). One of the areas they poked fun at were the columns that were either the wrong size or the wrong style for the house. Then I walked down the street and saw that a construction company had just added the wrong style columns to a too-big house on a too-small lot. I started laughing because it was the perfect example of a McMansion.


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