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Citizen’s Arrest Query

I would like to understand why the police have to be present and observe an attempted kidnapping in order to arrest and detain the perpetrator, even though there are viable witnesses other than the victim and his family. (“Transient Grabs an 8- Year-Old Boy” July 6, page 3.) This does not make sense and it does not sound like a misdemeanor either. How can a citizen press criminal charges—doesn’t that have to be the district attorney?

(Editor’s note: The District Attorney’s Office will press charges, but needs to know that the citizen will show up in court to testify.)

Patriotism vs. Greed

Setting up my patio early on July 4th for a party, I became aware of grinding, sawing and loud conversations, coming from the 1100 block of Galloway. This lasted all day into the evening. At first disbelief, then annoyance and aggravation that a construction crew was actually working on a national legal holiday! Independence Day is set aside for families to celebrate the birth of our nation, and barbeque without being subjected to disruptive construction noise. Why would a developer have crews work on a major holiday?

Landscaping the Chabad

From one who lives in Castellammare and drives by the Chabad on Sunset daily, the place is surrounded by walls, with dirt between them and the street! It would be so nice (not to mention neighborly) to have some landscaping installed, preferably greenery, to soften the blow.

Another Reckless Driver

I was in the crosswalk about two feet from the curb by the Woman’s Club, when a silver Prius blew through a stop sign. Had I not jumped forward, it would have hit me. Only then did the car stop. The man in the passenger seat just laughed and then the driver, a woman who looked close to 60, turned and drove up towards Gelson’s. I was clearly shaken, but they didn’t even roll down the window to say “Sorry.” If you narrowly miss someone in a crosswalk, you have no business driving.

Busy Street

The new building going up between the post office and the Garden Café appears to be really busy with activity. Any idea how long it will take to finish it?

(Editor’s note: Owner Eliot Zorensky said that the exterior should be finished within a month.)


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