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Task for Mobility Deputy

It’s nice that Councilman Bonin has a mobility deputy. Maybe she could help the L.A. City Metro buses work out a schedule with the Big Blue Bus so people could travel to Wilshire in Beverly Hills from Pacific Palisades without having to make long walks or have long waits between buses.

Wood Out of Control

The wood along Temescal Canyon Road is out of control, extending about a quarter of a mile down the street. I think it could become a fire hazard. I guess so many trees have died with the drought and diseases, that every day they are stacked by tree-cutting people.

Farmers Market at PaliHi

I heard someone complaining that the high school is charging the farmers market to operate on its campus. PaliHi gave the market owners (who charge individual booth owners) a reduced rate. The school could make much more money by renting that space out to filming and production companies. I think we should be thankful they were a good neighbor and agreed to let the market be there. No one else in town wanted it, including on Via de la Paz and at the Rec Center.

County Beach Passes

I know Santa Monica residents can buy annual parking passes and seniors can get a really good rate for some parking lots. Wouldn’t it be nice if the County, which operates Will Rogers beach, had the same option for residents or anyone who wanted to buy an annual pass?

Buffered Bike Lanes

Councilman Bonin’s “mobility deputy” wants to remove a downhill lane from Temescal Canyon Road to make a better bike lane? I think we would have more bike lanes than bike riders. Does she know our community? I hope this strange idea will never become a reality!

Via de la Paz to PCH?

I’ve heard rumors that the city wants to reinstate an old road that used to from Via de la Paz to Pacific Coast Highway. Do you know if there’s any truth to it?

(Editor’s note: We contacted the city engineering department for a comment. Spokesperson Mary Nemick responded: “We have not heard nor am I aware of any of any plans to extend Via de la Paz to PCH. In order to do so would involve construction of a street through Palisades Park [the parkland below Via de las Olas, owned by Rec and Parks].”)


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