Heard About Town: Caruso Rumors

Caruso Rumors

I’ve heard that Rick Caruso’s people are going to hold a town meeting the first week of December to update when the contamination cleanup will begin on the north side of Swarthmore (from the old a la Tarte up to Monument) and what this will involve. Any word yet?

(Editor’s note: On Nov. 13, a Caruso Affiliated representative said a date and location for this meeting will be announced once escrow closes with Palisades Properties. The company is hosting the hot chocolate and coffee cart at the annual Chamber of Commerce Holiday Ho!Ho!Ho! on Friday, December 5—on Swarthmore.)

Has a Happy Smile

There’s a man who walks around the high school and uptown, picking up trash as he walks. He always has a smile and tells me to have a groovy day. What if we all did that? Pick up one piece of trash and give someone a smile? It wouldn’t cost anything.

Not Always Vets

I served in the military and I saw a transient wearing a combat jacket, so I tried to find out where and what unit he served with. He couldn’t tell me. Beware of those begging on the street pretending to be veterans. Just because they have the clothes doesn’t mean they’ve served.

Sunset Curb Issues

The city needs to clean Sunset Boulevard. There is so much trash and so many plants growing in the curb area, especially around Chautauqua, that there is less room in the slow lane on an already dangerous road. The city should actually clean all of the streets in the Palisades — at least once a year. I haven’t seen a street cleaner here in more than two years.

Praise for the High School

I’m a parent at Palisades High School and I thought they handled the bomb scare (Tuesday, Nov. 11) in a professional, calm manner. Before I could pick up my student, I had to show identification. Counselors then checked the records on laptops, next to the continuation school, to make sure my name was on the list.

Texting Posture

I see so many people with their head down, texting, I’m worried they will be permanently bent over by the time they are 60. The next time you see someone on the phone, notice the posture.


If you’d like to share something you’ve “heard about town,” please email it to spascoe@palisadesnews.com

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