Heard About Town: No Bench Room

No Bench Room

I was in the Village on a Tuesday afternoon and waiting to meet a friend. Unfortunately, every bench around the Business Block building had a homeless person sitting on it. Where are they all coming from?

Electricity Fears

Charging an electric car can take as much power as a small house. Is Pacific Palisades ready with upgraded trans- formers to provide electricity to the many new cars now plugged into outlets in the Palisades and also to the homes—or will we be experiencing more brown-outs?

Shout Out for PaliHi

So far this school year, the kids at Palisades High have been doing a good job of keeping their trash picked up along Temescal Canyon Road.

Parking at Will Rogers

My wife and I enjoy taking visiting friends and relatives up to Will Rogers Park, but object to paying such a high parking fee ($12). Fortunately, we have discovered a great deal: you can pay $50 for a one-year credit card that can be used 365 days a year. Simply show it to the parking-lot ranger or place it on your dashboard. You can purchase the card at the park with a check or cash.

Upset by Road Closure

I support all the hard work people do to organize charity runs along Los Angeles streets, but there was very little warning about road closures for the Oc- tober 25 run at the high school. I was late to an appointment because I couldn’t go down Temescal Canyon Road (shut between 7 and 10 a.m.). I know there’s a Thanksgiving Day race coming up: Can the organizers please let everyone know about road closures?

Seeking Fiber Optics

When is Pacific Palisades going to have fiber optics and finally do away with slow-functioning DSL?

No Mail Complaints

Everyone complains when there’s a problem with mail delivery, but no one compliments the carriers when it’s going smoothly, as it does our street in the Al- phabets. Good job everybody.


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