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Pickup Times Changed

I noticed that the morning pickup times on the post office boxes have been taken off and they now only list an afternoon mail pickup.

                (Editor’s note: The News spoke to the new postmaster, who said that morning times are no longer on the boxes because operations in downtown L.A. changed the pickup times. The mail may be picked up from the box in the morning at the post office’s discretion, but it is not required, so 5:30 p.m. is now the official pickup time.)


Enough Restaurants

Everyone keeps saying, I can’t wait until Caruso opens so I can go out to a nice restaurant. We already have a lot of great ones in town—Maison Giraud, Piccolo Ritrovo, Modo Mio, Tivoli Cafe, Taj Palace, Kay ‘N’ Dave’s, Café Vida, Pearl Dragon and Pinocchio. In Marquez there’s Vittorio’s and in the Highlands there’s Casa Nostra, Roast, Taste and the new Thai/sushi place Moku, and then Gladstone’s. In the Canyon there’s Giorgio’s, Golden Bull, Hungry Cat, Sam’s and Caffé Delfini. You can get booze at most of them—Golden Bull has the best mixed drinks in town and at a reasonable price.


Nimby Hypocrisy

I’m amused (and angered) by the hypocrisy in this town. Alphabet Street neighbors who have been fighting to place legitimate limits on Caruso’s Swarthmore development are accused of being selfish residents because they have objections to the project that will benefit the entire community. Yet what about various residents in the Marquez area who are desperately fighting temporary DWP pole-top distribution stations, even though these delaying tactics may mean many summers of brownouts for residents throughout our town?


Shout-Out to LAPD

I appreciate the professionalism of the LAPD and SWAT team at the incident on Lombard Street on April 11. They were dedicated and respectful to everyone. This was textbook case for how police should be—so a big shout-out to the entire force!


Caruso Laundromat?

Do you think Caruso will open a laundromat in the Village? That’s what our town really needs. Last time my machine broke, I had to drag my clothes to the one on Montana in Santa Monica.


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