Hot Prowls Scare Palisades Homeowners

The LAPD’s recent weekly crime report for Pacific Palisades included two “hot prowl” burglary reports.

1.) In the 16000 block of Northfield on Dec. 9, at 12:20 a.m., the suspects (#1 male, 5’11”, NFD, #2 male, 5’11”, NFD) pried and removed a door to enter victim’s home while the victim was sleeping. The suspects took victim’s money and fled when the victim woke up.

2.) In the 300 block of Beirut on Dec. 9, at 1:45 a.m., the suspects (#1 male, 6’ 170 lbs. NFD, #2 male, 6’, 170 lbs. NFD, #3 male, 6’, 170 lbs. NFD) pried open a door to enter victim’s home while the victim was sleeping. The suspects took money and jewelry, and fled when victim’s wife woke up.

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“There were two incidents and in one the person did not have an alarm,” said Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore. “We think the suspects might have gone door to door knocking (or ringing a doorbell) and gained entry because they did not think anyone was at home because no one answered.”

He said that in both cases, the doors were locked. “One door got pried open and they removed a sliding glass door.”

Asked what residents should do to protect themselves, Moore said that at night an alarm might make the difference. “An alarm went off in a house on Mt. Holoyoke and the person ran away.”

He was asked if there were any surveillance cameras near the Northfield or Beirut homes that might have captured the suspects.

Moore said no, but noted that some females were caught on nearby cameras. Those women were questioned and released. Those same women earlier had an encounter with Palisades Patrol and had then asked for rides back to Compton. Moore said it was possible the women could have been scouts.

“The detectives do have some leads, but unlike TV shows, it will take time,” Moore said.

“There are four key elements,” he said. “First, make sure your door is locked. Second, set your alarm. Third, use a doorbell replacement like RING. Fourth, make sure it looks like someone is in your house.”

In response to the hot-prowl cases, Moore said: “Additional [LAPD] resources were sent to the Palisades.”

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