Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Cyber Bullies on Nextdoor

Cyber Bullies on Nextdoor

I’m really disappointed in the online forum, Nextdoor Palisades. Most postings are potentially helpful or important (recommendations for various services, warnings about suspicious people in the neighborhood), but too often lately, people are nasty to other people, often belittling them or joining in the bullying of somebody without knowing both sides of a dispute.

Solar Panels & New Homes

When the DWP meter reader came to my house last week, I asked him how many people had solar panels. He knew the exact number of houses in this area and said solar was in about five percent of them. He said he was surprised that more people in this affluent area didn’t have any. I asked why he thought that developers weren’t including them with the houses they were building. He was of the opinion that it doesn’t help the value of the homes. My opinion is that all new construction should be required to include solar panels.

Grocery Sack Gripe

Sometimes when I go the grocery store, I don’t judge accurately the number of bags I need for the groceries and I’m short one bag. I get so irritated when I spend more than $100 and the store charges me a dime for a paper sack. Just seems cheap.

Flag Flying over Stadium

For the entire three-week winter break, the American flag flew over the Palisades High School stadium. Whoever is in charge is supposed to take it down at sunset—or if they want to keep it up 24 hours, there needs to be a light on it at night. How do you expect kids to respect the flag if adults aren’t doing it right?

Thanks for the Flowers

Driving along Sunset, I spotted a man planting pansies on the median strip on Sunset, near Chautauqua Boulevard. I later learned that he’s Bruce Schwartz, the new president of Palisades PRIDE. What a nice effort on his part, especially since the City can’t afford to do something like this.

Handy Plastic Bags

I love the rain for a bizarre reason. I subscribe to several newspapers and I have dogs. When rain is predicted, the papers are put in plastic bags. I take the newspaper out (dry, of course) and then use the bags for poop pickup.


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