Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Dust from Caruso Site

A Dangerous U-Turn

On Tuesday, I saw a dump truck make a U-turn on Temescal Canyon Road, by the Palisades High School pool. It was traveling towards the ocean and then back up to Sunset. Not a good idea, to say the least.

Rattlesnake Training Available for Dogs

Regarding the Heard About Town on rattlesnake training for dogs below is another choice which benefits the Mountains Trust. Also, vets offer a shot for dogs. Visit

Mattress Signs Profilerate

I feel that Palisades High School has gone way too far by posting hundreds of lawn signs all over town, advertising their May 20 mattress sale. Really, a mattress sale? The signs are everywhere and it feels like litter.

Dust from Caruso Site

We were told that Caruso’s contractor would “water” the dirt to prevent it from polluting the air. Today, I drove through a brown cloud of dirt, up along Monument Street. Dirt is now in all of our houses. Can Caruso please send cleaning crews?

(Editor’s note: Project Manager Michael Gazzano was contacted by Community Council President Maryam Zar and responded, “We are indeed watering the site to help mitigate the dust, but we can’t “prevent” the dust. We have guys with hoses watering the site as well. We are starting to haul away the ramp, which is the last remaining dirt on that part of the project. On the north parcel, we are starting grading and shoring, which is probably kicking up some dust and I will speak with our contractor to make sure it continues to be watered.” If you have construction issues, please call [310] 744-2301.)

Dog Park Benefit

Hooray for your article about Leslie Campbell and her campaign for a dog park in Pacific Palisades. Many people don’t realize that having a dog park is great for security; it attracts responsible citizens who provide extra eyes on the neighborhood throughout the day.

(Editor’s note: That may be, but the most likely site for a dog park would be near the mouth of Potrero Canyon, below Via de las Olas and next to PCH.)

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