Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Loss of Affordable Housing

Loss of Affordable Housing

I hear our politicians speaking about building affordable housing, but I read that L.A. lost 1,824 units of affordable rentals under the Ellis Act. That act allows landlords to evict tenants so they can either turn the apartments into condos or demolish the building. This is one of the main reasons for the increasing homeless crisis in L.A. How does Councilman Bonin answer this?

(Editor’s note: The News contacted Bonin’s office and spokesperson David Graham-Caso wrote: “It is important to note that the Ellis Act is a STATE law and the City wants to change it to better protect tenants. Councilmember Bonin has proposed repealing and amending it and has sponsored or co-sponsored resolutions of support for legislation to amend it and make it easier to protect affordable housing.)

Alcohol at Movie Theater

It’s easy for under-aged kids to get an alcoholic drink at certain movie theaters. Ask someone older sitting in your row if they will go get you a drink and you’ll pay them a few bucks. They go purchase one and leave it in a seat next to you. They make a few bucks—good deal for them.

(Editor’s note: We doubt that Palisades moviegoers will want to go to all that hassle just to earn a few dollars, while also breaking the law.)

‘Just Asking,’ Says a Reader

Walking past the fast-developing colossus along Swarthmore, Sunset and Monument, I wonder, “Will they have their own zip code?”

Genesis Open Is Fun

I love the golf tournament at the Riviera every February [the Genesis Open]. You get to walk around this beautiful course, watch professional athletes, have a drink and eat some food. Since I don’t have money to join the Riviera, it’s an opportunity to pretend I’m a member, just so fun!! (And I don’t even like golf that much.)

Free Gates Security App

I signed up for the free Gates Security app and most often a notification will come on if there’s an accident in Pacific Palisades or if there’s a fire. You can also click to get notifications in Malibu—which are often helpful because of numerous accidents on PCH. This app is nice to have when you wonder what the sirens are about.

Paper License Plates

I’ve noticed that most new cars seem to have their paper license plates for months. Is it because the state is so far behind that it can’t send new license plates, or because the owner doesn’t want his car to be identified in case he sideswipes another car?

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