Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Trader Joe’s in the Palisades

Sunflowers at 76

You can always tell when it’s summer because of the sunflowers at the 76 Station on Sunset at Via de la Paz. Thank you to whoever plants them; I love looking for them. I’ve been told that sunflowers follow the sun. Does anyone know if that’s true?

Trader Joe’s in the Palisades

Every time I go to Trader Joe’s in West Los Angeles at Pico, just off the 10, I see many Palisades residents. If this town is so rich, why would they be shopping there? I looked on the Internet, and the median income in Pacific Palisades is $142,930. But for people under 25 it’s $30,000, and between 25-44 it’s $82,990, and 36 percent of the town are listed as blue collar employees. Maybe we do need a Trader Joe’s.

Larger Sizes Available

I know I need to go on a diet, but fortunately, I discovered that Vivian’s on Via de la Paz carries plus sizes. Finally, a store that carries something besides size zero, which is not a size, but clothing for women who have time to spend all day exercising. Thank you, Vivian, for having stylish fashions that anyone can fit into.

Resurfacing Streets

I think it’s nice that Councilman Mike Bonin is requesting that the streets in Pacific Palisades be resurfaced; some of them really need that. But possibly the worst pavement of all is in the Recreation Center parking lot off Alma Real. Some of the holes in the pavement are at least six inches deep. Maybe the city is waiting until Potrero Park is finished, but that’s always at least “two years” away and has been since the 1990s.

Fourth of July Concert

It was a perfect day. Daphne Gronich did a great job of organizing everything. Natalie McAdams ensured that logistics for the concert and fireworks was perfect from the food trucks to the kids activities. Keith Turner organized some great bands and Rich Wilken once again made sure the fireworks went off without a hitch.

Want Roman Back

I just reading “Heard About Town” (July 12), that Roman is not the parking attendant at the Land and Water Company parking lot. I thought maybe he was sick. How do we petition to bring him/his company back? He was there so many years! How many?

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