Pacific Palisades Heard Around Town: Self-Indulgent Palisadians

Rattlesnakes Are Out

I was walking my dog at Will Rogers State Park and passed a rattlesnake beside the trail in the lower part of the park, near the horse pasture. That same day, another man in the park said he saw a rattlesnake on the upper trail. For my dog’s safety, I will be staying away from wild areas this summer because the snakes seem to be out in force.

(Editor’s note: A reader suggested that people who walk their dogs near parks might consider having their dogs take a rattlesnake course. Visit for more information.)

Say No to a Straw

Have you noticed that when you order a drink at a restaurant it automatically comes with a straw? Well, that straw is one of 500,000,000 straws that are dispensed each day, never to decompose, poisoning our sea life.

Plant a Spring Tree

They say there’s always room for another plate at the table, and I’d like to extend that sentiment to the garden: there’s often room for another tree in the yard. It will be a friend for many years, providing fresh air, muffling traffic noise, and increasing the value of your home.

Pali Elementary Symbol’s Paint Is Peeling

I noticed that the painted symbol designating Palisades Elementary as a California Distinguished School is peeling on the side of the building along Via de la Paz. It would be nice if it were repainted—or maybe after so many years, you lose that status? Does anyone know?

Water Pressure

Does anyone know why the DWP increased the water pressure in Pacific Palisades to about 120 p.s.i.? It used to be much lower and I’m wondering when they did this and will it have an affect on aging pipes?

Self-Indulgent Palisadians

The city resurfaced Radcliffe Street between Bowdoin and Carthage Street on April 25. Workers put up yellow tape and barriers afterwards to block off the street and let the pavement set. Not five minutes after workers left, people started moving the tape and barriers so they could drive on the street! Of course, this left tire marks on the new surface—a tribute to Palisadians who do whatever they want, whenever they want. No sense driving around the block to avoid barriers.


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