Palisades Crime: Robbery at Gun Point

The following Nov. 15, 2016 crime report was supplied by LAPD Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore of the West L.A. Division. Arrests do not indicate a conviction.


500 Palisades Dr, 11/14/16 at 6 PM. The suspects (#1 male, 6’2″ 190 lb, 30 years, acne scars under eyes, #2 male, 5’6″ 175 lb, 20/30 years) entered victim’s business and demanded money and prescription drugs at gun point.


900 Kagawa, btwn 11/9/16 at 6 PM and 11/10/16 at 6 AM. The suspect took victim’s trailer from the street.


  • 17300 Tramonto, btwn 11/6/16 at 2 PM and 11/7/16 at 8:30 AM. The suspect smashed a window to enter victim’s vehicle and took a medical kit, car charger, and CDs.
  • 17300 Pacific Coast Hwy, 11/11/16 btwn 4 PM and 5 PM. The suspect entered victim’s vehicle, which had been valet parked, and took a GPS, glasses, and clothing.
  • 14700 Pacific Coast Hwy, 11/11/16 btwn 9:49 AM and 12:15 PM. The suspect entered victim’s vehicle and took a laptop computer, money, and a passport.


  • 15000 Sunset, 11/7/16 btwn 1:10 PM and 3:30 PM. The suspect entered victim’s home through a window and took jewelry.
  • 200 Quadro Vecchio, btwn 11/3/16 at 10 AM and 11/4/16 at 10 AM. The suspect entered victim’s door through a door and took jewelry and a jacket.


16500 Sunset, 11/4/16 btwn 3:15 PM and 4 PM. The suspect took victim’s suitcase from the sidewalk.

15300 Antioch, 10/31/16 at 2:42 PM. The suspect (identified) shoplifted victim’s property by placing a sweatshirt on her daughter and sending her out the store without paying.

15300 Antioch, 11/6/16 at 12 PM. The suspect (identified) shoplifted victim’s property while the store owner was in the rear of the business.


500 Via De La Paz, btwn 11/8/16 at 6 PM and 11/9/16 at 7 AM. The suspect slashed a tire on victim’s vehicle.



14900 Ramos Pl, 11/13/16 at 8:35. The suspect (male black, gray hair, 6′ 220 lb, 50 years) entered victim’s yard then entered victim’s garage without permission.

Resisting Arrest

16500 Akron, 11/12/16 at 1:05 AM. A 56 year old male was arrested for resisting arrest during a DUI/Traffic Collision investigation.

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