Palisades Garden Club to Host Bonsai Demonstration

The Pacific Palisades Garden Club will host Melvin Widawski on Monday, Feb. 5 at 7:30 p.m. for a bonsai demonstration. The demonstration takes place at the Pacific Palisades Woman’s Club. 

Widawski is a member of local bonsai groups and become interested in the art of bonsai after he retired from UCLA many years ago. From early on, he determined that bonsai was a multi-dimensional art form which took many years to learn about and master. Widawski frequently gives bonsai presentations throughout the Los Angeles area.

Melvin Widawski will hold a bonsai demonstration at the Feb. 5 Pacific Palisades Garden Club meeting.

His talk will focus on all the elements which comprise bonsai, and he will do a bonsai demonstration to showcase the different elements of this form of Japanese art. 

There will be a drawing at this garden club meeting and the winner will get to take home Widawki’s demonstration piece. Drawing tickets are $5 each. 

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