Palisades News Letters: City Council Doesn’t Want to Hear

(The News received the following letter regarding the Preven Report Viewpoint “Doe the Council Want to Hear?” that describe residents who want to address the L.A. City Council during public comment period, but may be turned away because “that agenda item was already ‘taken up in committee’—and the Brown Act says that if an opportunity for public comment is given at a committee meeting, then the Council doesn’t have to hear public comment at the regular meeting.” Or if a resident is one of the lucky ones who goes in front of the Council, they are only allowed a minute.)

Dear Josh and Eric,

Thanks for your viewpoint in the Palisades News on March 21st. I appreciate your bringing this issue to the wider community. I do hope the City Council, esp. President Wesson, will be receiving a copy of the article as published in the News.

Linda Deacon

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