Palisades News Letters: Coach Juliano Is Praised

I am a mathematician, writer, educator, and a mom to two teenage boys. I formerly worked in the entertainment industry, which was where I initially met Mr. Aldo Juliano.

I have worked on a professional level with Aldo for about ten years. As an actor, he has been exceptionally professional in every capacity on every project I have either produced, acted with him or collaborated. Along with his level of professionalism, he never missed a meeting, always delivered exceptional work and devoted his own time that went beyond what was needed for each project. The consensus among my peers in the entertainment industry is that Aldo is “such a great guy.”

On a personal level, Aldo has spent time with my husband, my two teenage boys, and me, and it is always heartwarming to see him talk with my boys. I am a little sister to a state champion wrestler who has gone on to become a college coach, a published psychologist and a speaker. My two sons love and admire Aldo.

For me, working with and knowing Mr. Juliano has been an exceptional honor. I know Aldo’s character. He is such an upstanding individual, and I would not hesitate to tell the world that he is one of the best people on the planet, in every possible way.

If I can please appeal to you, please bring Mr. Aldo Juliano back to Pacific Palisades High School. Your high school deserves his capabilities and his devotion to your wrestling program. Your wrestlers deserve to have such an inspiring, motivating and genuine coach. I know without a doubt that your high school would be exceptionally fortunate to have Mr. Aldo Juliano back on your team.

Gabrielle Birkman

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