Palisades News Letters: Regarding Tenant Protests

I read your balanced article, “Tenants Hold Rent Protest,” in the May 16 issue. I’d like to offer an open letter response to landlord Lisa Ehrlich, who lives in Pacific Palisades:

Dear Lisa,

I too am a “landlady.” My heart sank to read about the staged protest against you personally (on Sunday). I noticed that your last salary raise was 2008! People tend to forget that monthly rent is our salary. Who would settle for 10 years with no salary increase? Without raises, it makes it harder to find the money to improve the property and make repairs.

Protestors brought their rent increase dispute to the Highlands. Photo courtesy of Palisades Patrol

How do we compete with the ginormous developers with their high rents, stainless-steel appliances and granite countertops? My grandma and mom were landladies and now my sister and I are and it’s very liberating to own property (without a man) and the responsibility keeps us up at night. We think long and hard before we raise the rent because we know the impact (and reaction) and so sometimes, we put it off for 10 years.

So hang in there, Lisa, and be proud of the freedom that ownership brings! Many women all over the world are denied the right to own property and we’re blessed to be called “Landlady!”

Cindy Hains

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