Palisades News Letters: Remove Palisadian-Post Signs

(Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to the Palisadian-Post, the Palisades News, the Pacific Palisades Community Council, Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce, the Design Review Board, Business Improvement District, P.R.I.D.E. and Councilman Mike Bonin.)

I write to express my disappointment in the Palisadian-Post’s gross violation of the Pacific Palisades Specific Plan by erecting disproportionately large illuminated signs on the building where its office is located.

The Specific Plan was first enacted in the 1980s as a result of a grassroots community effort to eliminate the glut of billboards and similar visual blight in the Pacific Palisades Village. The Specific Plan created the Pacific Palisades Design Review Board, a municipal agency with jurisdiction to approve or disapprove proposed commercial improvements in the Village. That jurisdiction includes passing on the propriety of signage.

Palisadian-Post’s new signs.

The Palisadian-Post recognized the Design Review Board’s authority by seeking approval of the illuminated signs. The Design Review Board denied the application, and the Palisadian-Post appealed that decision to the next level.

The appeal was denied. It was only because of a clerical error at City Hall that the denial of the application was reversed. In short, the Palisadian-Post was permitted to erect the otherwise unlawful signs because of a mere technicality.

For many years, the Palisadian-Post was a stalwart supporter of the community and an otherwise good neighbor. Apparently, times have changed. By installing the offending (and offensive) signs, the Palisadian-Post has relied on a mere technicality to impose its will on and contribute to visual blight in the community.

I respectfully request that the Palisadian-Post remove the signs and restore the building to its prior condition. Until that occurs, I regretfully will not renew my subscription and I will not patronize the Palisadian-Post’s advertisers. I will also encourage others to take similar action.

I optimistically await your response.

Peter Scolney

(Scolney is a past president of P.R.I.D.E. and the Palisades Optimist Club.)

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